Welcome to Stritez

This web site is an official e-gate to a small village named Stritez. It is situated in the Czech Republic (EU), in the south-eastern part of the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands (Ceskomoravska vrchovina); about 50 km from Brno and about 180 km from the capital city Prague.


Stritez is an old agricultural site, so its history is quite long - the first written reference was composed in 1356. At present, there are about 100 citizens and 30 houses in the village. Most of the inhabitants commute to neighbouring towns and villages. Some houses are owned by weekenders, who like the local pure natural environment. All around are wonderful green fields and deep forests free of everyday noise and hurry. The local temperate climate makes summers pleasantly hot and winters pleasantly cold as well. It creates ideal conditions for outdoor sports activities and tourism. Directly in the village there is a clay tennis-court or a grassy football field available. A short distance away (up to 15 km) are situated fine ski slopes, one of the best preserved castles in the Czech Republic - Pernstejn, a simulated wild western town - Sikl's water mill (Sikluv mlyn) and a bit further out there are other interesting places.


Unfortunately, at present we are not able to provide a multi-language version for this site. If you do not know Czech, and would like to know more about Stritez, you can use automatic Google Translation service (the appropriate links for some languages are listed below):